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Social X Events

What to Expect From a Social X Event:

World-Class Speakers

Social X utilizes the professional connections of 100’s of entrepreneurs from within our community, as well as exponentially more outside of our community, to make these world-class speakers available to you.

Tactical Networking & Collaboration

When you make that commitment to come to a Social X event, we want to make sure that we overdeliver when it comes to the network building aspect. It’s tough to make an elevator pitch impression on people at a speaking event because they’re busy trying to consume knowledge just like you. That is why we setup dinners, mixers, activities, etc. for you to connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners on a deeper, more personal level.  


We aim to create and cultivate extraordinary results in every area of life. The best times in life are spent around those who empower you to think bigger and feel better about your dreams and your reality. When you’re around those people, you should celebrate. 


Past Social X Events

Networking Events
Pop-Up Events
Member Retreats

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Want to bring Social x to your city?

We’re always looking to bring value to entrepreneurs around the world. If the entrepreneurial community in your city would be interested in a Social X collaboration, reach out and let us know!